Our Autumn Song_new

  • Artist

    Rebeka Aleksandra Ritene

  • Title

    Our Autumn Song

  • Label

    Giungla Baby

  • Music publishers

    Teorema Edizioni Musicali

  • Producer

    Charles Goodger

  • Radio date


Our Autumn Song highlights typical aspects of the season of Autumn (sometimes called Fall). Its beautiful melody in 3/4 time expresses the mood of the season perfectly: the end of the summer and its long vacation, changes in temperature, day length and the colours of nature, back to school and the start of a new school year and the reference to falling leaves and roasted chestnuts make Our Autumn Song an iconic representation of this interim season. 

Our Autumn Song completes Charles Goodger’s cycle of songs for all four seasons: A Song for Winter, Easter Spring Song, I Love Summer and now Our Autumn Song sung by 11-year old Rebeka Aleksandra Ritene.

Not only children around the world will enjoy learning singing this unforgettable action song. You will find teaching actions for it on the FunSongs Education YouTube channel.


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